How to Rank Keywords on Google in 2024?

Do you want to rank for the business keywords in Google?

Look, Google needs to know about the keywords on the website page and it must be a part of the context & at the same time, it must be visible to users.

And you need to choose the right set of business keywords and create epic content around them in order to rank in Google.

But How do we identify the right business words?

If you are struggling to choose the right business keywords then you can take help from the Search Engine Optimization tools that I have listed below.

Take help from these SEO tools:

🛠 Scalenut – Your AI Co-pilot that powers the entire SEO content lifecycle.
🛠 Jasper AI – Enterprise-grade AI tools to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance.
🛠 Ubersuggest – You can use this for free and upgrade as per your requirement.
🛠 Semrush – It’s a premium SEO tool, You can take their free trial and use it for keyword research.
🛠 Google Search – This is completely free. What you have to do is just do a Google search for each keyword that you think is relevant to your business and make a list. This is a time-consuming process but if you don’t want to spend money then this is the best option you should go for.
🛠 YouTube Search – YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can use a YouTube search to identify the business keywords. You can follow the same process as Google Search.
🛠 Reddit – Reddit is a popular social network platform where you can find communities and dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. Identify your audience and find out their interests, and problems and make a list of those keywords to include in your research part.

Quick Tip: Go for long-tail phrases and keywords which has high search intent and conversions for your business needs. You can also take the help of an SEO consultant for this particular job.

You can also read my post on SEO tips for beginners to learn more about search engine optimization.

Well, now let’s discuss how to create epic content for your business.

Once you have the keywords, the next step you have to follow is to create content around those keywords. You can follow the below steps to create content.

5 Steps to follow to create epic content in 2024

💡 Get content ideas – Once you have keywords, It is important to create supportive topics around the keywords we wish to rank for.
💡 Create a content outline – This is important as it helps in content flow and structuring in order to provide the best information on a given topic.
💡 Create content for each outline – I think this is self-explanatory. Still, if you have any questions about this, feel free to comment below.
💡 Solve a problem with the content – Make sure your content is helping your audience. It must offer value or should solve a problem. Google loves helpful content like this.
💡 Close it with a nice CTA-friendly conclusion – The conclusion is important and it is great if you can add the desired CTA which will help your users. It can be a website link or tool link etc.

This is a huge task. In case you don’t want to do all this you can simply use the ai copywriting tool which is integrated with SEO tools.

I personally recommend,

Jasper AI is one of the best AI-powered copywriting tools in the market today used by over 80,000 marketing professionals and business owners around the world.

It can Instantly Generate High-Quality Content For Blogs, Emails, Ads, Websites, & More with the help of artificial intelligence.

Jasper is integrated with Surfer SEO which takes care of keyword research and content optimization.

It is also integrated with Grammarly and Copyscape allowing you to generate error-free and plagiarism-free content within seconds.

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