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Guest Post Guidelines For Suresh.tech:

  1. The content should be unique, human-readable and awesome.
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  3. It should be at least 1200 words.
  4. Content should be well structured and valuable for the readers of Suresh.tech
  5. Guest posts should contain headings H1, sub-headings (H2, H3), bullet lists, and unordered lists. Not a compulsion but it must follow a structure.
  6. Please use short paragraphs in a simple engine language.
  7. At least two images are required along with quality content.
  8. Do not use copyrighted images. You can use free stock sites like Pixels, Unsplash etc.
  9. We allow only relevant links in the article.
  10. We do allow affiliate links in the article.
  11. The author bio is a must.
  12. We have the right to accept or reject your article if it doesn’t meet guest post guidelines.


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A Few Examples of Suresh Tech Guest Posts: 

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