7 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses in 2024

In today’s scenario, a business needs to develop an online presence.

Selecting the best website builder for small businesses can be a very daunting task when you have just launched your online business.

However, social media platforms alone cannot give an insight into what your brand stands for.

This can be achieved through building a digital space with a website.

A website combines all the essential aspects you want to share with your consumers on a unified platform.

Building websites can be a hassle sometimes.

As you need to hire different professionals for various tasks. Small businesses tend to lack this kind of finance.

Hence, with a website builder, you do not need to hire various designers and experts to build a site.

A website can be solely built through these platforms as they provide a one-stop service. Especially for small businesses, this is a beneficial feature.

From planning and building to managing the website, website builders provide a wide range of features.

A few website builders also help in the optimum marketing and selling of the products.

Now you might think that these platforms will be difficult to operate. Absolutely not!

Most website builders have a user-friendly interface and navigation. They also provide timely tutorials of all the features and widgets for beginners.

Hence, anyone even without having a coding background can build a website.  

To give you all a better understanding of the same, we have curated a list of the 7 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses.

What Are The Benefits of A Website Builder?

Before we share our list with you, we would like to give an insight into the benefits of website builders. Website builders are beginner-friendly and then provide various benefits such as:

  1. Customizable and affordable options to create engaging websites.
  2. No requirement of a technical or coding knowledge base to create a site.
  3. Easy and quick alternative to creating an appealing website. It barely takes 15 minutes to create a website with these builders.
  4. Various built-in apps and integrations to provide a collection of features in one place.
  5. The flexibility of options with form builders, drag-and-drop editor, and formatting.

Top 7 Best Website Builders of 2024

Here are the top seven recommendations for website builders of 2024 and beyond at Suresh.tech.

1. Wix


Wix is website-building software that helps its users to create and design websites effectively.

With 800+ templates to choose from, you can customize your website the way you want.

If you do not like the standard template, you can answer a few questions and get your own unique website.

Wix also assists with a professional partner that you can hire to enhance your website design.

For businesses, Wix assists in all online services. You can build your own online store and manage the orders and checkouts.

If you are a restaurant, you can create an interactive menu and other listings.

Wix also provides seamless designs for fitness businesses where you can manage your clients and classes. You can also manage your blog websites with SEO tools to gain organic traffic.

Wix also provides a wide range of features for marketing your digital platforms and digital content.

You can utilize email marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and social media posts. You can effectively manage your clients and their database.


  • Easy to use interface and drag-and-drop editor for customization.
  • Choose from 800+ pre-designed high-quality templates.
  • 250+ integrations for advanced applications.
  • Create appealing eCommerce sites, portfolio sites, and blog sites.
  • Affordable plans for small businesses. Also provides free plans. 
  • Designed for beginners and professionals with Wix Editor and Wix Codes.


  • Limitations for eCommerce sites and costs are comparatively higher.
  • For free plans, there is Wix Branding influence.
  • Limitations in changing the template once you have put the data. The data is deleted if you change the template. 
  • Limitations in mobile view and management.


Wix offers three paid plans and a free plan.

  • Combo Plan – $9.25/month
  • eCommerce Plan – $16.17/month
  • Unlimited Plan – $12.45/month

For small businesses, Wix suggests the eCommerce plan but we suggest the Unlimited Plan as you get all the features at an affordable price.

Wix Website: https://www.wix.com/

2. Squarespace


Squarespace is a one-stop option for all your requirements to start and run a business. You can easily create a website with award-winning templates and user-friendly form builders.

Squarespace can help you build elegant and appealing websites in no time.

You can create eCommerce sites, portfolios for digital content, and blogging. Squarespace also provides website analysis and cross-channel promotions.

Like Wix, Squarespace also offers to hire an expert to create and design your website.

Once you create your website according to your liking, Squarespace helps you sell your products.

It offers a forum to sell online products/services and digital content. You can manage your checkouts, payments, and taxes in one place.    


  • Offers various products such as domains, websites, and award-winning templates.
  • Provides scheduling and SEO tools.
  • Offers best alternatives for artists, bloggers, and students.
  • Provides effective and advanced online stores for eCommerce sites.
  • Provisions for domain transfer and web hosting.


  • Limitations in add-ons and specific features like other platforms or plugins.
  • Certain features need you to upgrade to a business plan plane or more o access them.
  • Countdown timers and custom codes for similar features are available in higher plans.
  • Limitations of the multi-language feature.


Squarespace offers three paid plans.

Personal – $8/month

Business – $18/month

Commerce – $26/month

For small businesses, we suggest the Business Plan. It offers all the required features in an affordable plan.

Squarespace Website: https://www.squarespace.com/

3. Weebly


Weebly or now Square is a website building and hosting platform. With its intuitive interface and tools, Weebly offers an efficient process for creating websites and online stores.

It offers a range of professionally designed templates to use and customize according to the user.

Weebly as an online store or eCommerce site helps you to showcase your products in a structured and appealing way.

You can create a website and keep updated with the analytics and SEO performance with Weebly.

You can utilize tools like coupon and gift code builders and product search features for easy access.

It also assists in maintaining and managing the inventory and shipping details of the products. With Weebly integrations and management,  you can easily sell products domestically and internationally.


  • Unlike Wix, it provides a feature to retain the content while changing templates.
  • Easy and intuitive interface to learn and access for a beginner.
  • 250+ professionally designed templates.
  • Online stores have shipping tools for distribution management.
  • Provide email integrations and content management.
  • A free plan is available.
  • Comparatively lower pricing.


  • Lacks customization in alignment and elements positioning.
  • Limitation of SEO tools.
  • Limitations are in client management.
  • Need for coding skills to customize the site as the provided features are insufficient.


Weebly offers three paid plans and a free plan.

Starter – $8/month

Pro – $12/month

Business – $25/month

We suggest the Pro Plan for small businesses and the Business Plan if you can stretch your budget.

Weebly Website: https://www.weebly.com/

4. WordPress


When we think of starting a blog or creating a website the one platform that by default comes to our mind is WordPress.

WordPress is a website builder that hosts up to 34% of the internet as of now. It provides various features such as CMS (Content Management System) and built-in plugins for easy access.

As a side note; we are discussing WordPress.com and not WordPress.org. WordPress.org is only a hosting platform. Read more about WordPress SEO here.


  • No coding or technical skills are required for creating a site.
  • An intuitive and unbreakable content management system.
  • The seamless interface and quick response of formatting and editing.
  • Various plugins and built-in apps to connect to different services.
  • Choose from a large number of themes and design options to create any type of website.


  • The number of features can cause confusion for beginners and create a steep learning curve.
  • The interface of the website can slow down if you add many plug-ins at a time. This leads to choosing specific plugins.
  • Many plug-ins can lead to distraction from the motive of the website.


Paid Plans start at $4/month and the Business Plan is $25/month

WordPress Website: https://wordpress.com/

5. Duda


Duda is an easy and quick responsive website builder that aims at reducing site creation time.

Duda just like the other platform provides a range of features to create and manage websites.

It provides various widgets and mobile interface editing tools to create a seamless process of creating a site.


  • Various email integrations to create email listings and leads.
  • Marketing and SEO tools create a streamlined navigation structure.
  • Customization and content management of the templates.


  • Limitations of templates and site design options.
  • Basic widget and app channelling.


Duda offers four paid plans that start at $11/month. We suggest the Team Plan which costs $24/month.

Duda Website: https://www.duda.co/

6. Zyro


Zyro is yet another software that offers various functions to businesses to create a website or online store.

It offers features such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and inventory and shipping management. Along with this, it also offers customization and formatting options for the site.


  • Ease of transferring a domain.
  • Easy to format and visually appealing templates.
  • Fast and responsive page loading speed.
  • AI Copywriting solutions
  • Affordable pricing plans.


  • Limitations in designing options.
  • Only a few plugins are currently available.


Zyro offers paid plans starting from $2.90/month. We suggest the eCommerce Plus plan which costs $14/month.

Zyro Website: https://www.zyro.com/

7. Simvoly


Simvoly is a website-building platform that also provides access to building funnels. You can now easily create an online store or eCommerce site and create marketing/sales funnels in one place.

Just like other builders you have all the features for building a website. Simvoly also provides builders to create landing pages and sales pages.


  • Sales funnels and website building on a unified platform.
  • Seamless integration of widgets webpages.
  • Pop-ups and upselling features.
  • Provides A/B Testings


  • Limitations in some widgets and apps as they are more or less basic.
  • Lacks an analysis of sales pages and only gives an overview of the funnel.


Simvoly offers four paid plans starting at $12/month. We suggest the Business Plan that costs $24/month.

And that was our list of best website builders for small businesses. Hope you found the above platforms insightful.

Simvoly Website: https://simvoly.com/

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