21 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners In 2021

Are you an SEO beginner?
Do you want to learn SEO on your Own?

If yes then here you can find the best SEO tips for beginners that can help you boost your website keyword rankings in 2021.

Hello there, I’m Suresh Chaudhary and | am a passionate digital marketer from India.

In this post, I am sharing twenty-one actionable SEO marketing tips for free to improve your WordPress SEO rankings in 2021.

21 SEO Tips For Beginners For Free In 2021

Please follow and implement each search engine topimization tip to see the impact on your SEO campaign. Do comment in case of any questions.

1) Optimize Meta Tags For Each Web Page

Make sure you optimize your site page’s title tag and meta description tag with the relevant content.

Character Limit For Title Tag: A good character limit for the title tag is between 50 to 70 so that the title of your web page is well explained.

Character Limit For Meta Description: You can write a lengthy meta description for your site page, but Google generally shows snippets to ~150–160 characters. It’s helpful to keep meta descriptions long enough that they’re well summarized, so I recommend meta description character limits between 120–170 characters.

Code Sample For Meta Tags:

<title>Your Title Text Comes Here.</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Your Page Description Comes Here Which Often Show Up In Search Results.”>

Meta Tags Example from Suresh.tech

You can see home page url, meta title and meta description of my website Suresh.tech in the image below.

meta tags suresh.tech website

2) Use Short & Descriptive URLs For Each Page

The SEO optimized URLs should be keyword-rich, action-oriented, human-readable and short. You should always create an SEO-friendly URL for your web pages to get the maximum SEO benefit.

What is an SEO Friendly URL?

SEO friendly URLs are nothing but your web page’s URL which is intended to meet the demands of searchers. For example – Suresh.tech/learn-seo. This is an URL for my website’s Learn SEO page.

seo friendly url suresh

3) Complete Your Google My Business Listing Page

Yes, Google my business page helps your SEO campaign. So if you are someone who runs a business and don’t have google my business listing then you are missing out the potential local traffic from Google search engine.

4) Internal Link Building

Create and update internal links on your web pages. If you don’t know about internal link building technique then I would suggest to learn this first to get the maximum benefit out of this amazing SEO activity.

5) Keyword Selection For Each Page

You must do an extensive keyword research for each page of your site. Always use intent-based long-tail, short-tail, informational, conversational and commercial keywords on your pages.

6) Focus on 3-5 Keywords Per Page

Do not try to rank a single page for multiple keywords. Target three to five keywords per page based on the content of the respective page.

7) Google Search Console & Google Analytics Accounts

Sign up and create an account on Google Analytics and Google Search Console websites. Both the platforms are powered by Google to help the creators.

8) Website Speed Optimization

Make sure your website loads fast. The standard benchmark is less than 5 seconds. So optimize your website for speed to have the SEO advantages.

9) Remove Unwanted Codes, Content & Plugins

As an best SEO practice you should remove all unwanted stuff like unused scripts, outdated content, unwanted WordPress plugins etc. from your website.

10) Use Main Keywords In Your Headings

11) Earn High Quality Links

12) Multimedia Content For Each Page

You should use Images, Infographics, Gifs, Audio File or Videos in your web page content as per the need of the page. It’s not necessary to add all multimedia in one page but try to use at-least 2-3 forms as that have hidden SEO power.

13) Duplicate Content

Do not include duplicate content on your web page. Try to create unique, human-readable and helpful content for each page.

14) Image Optimization

Use keyword-rich file name, use keywords in the image Alt texts.

15) Content Updation

Update your old web pages content for freshness. Make sure you offer latest information on your website. Outdated content doen’t help your SEO campaign.

16) Link Back To Relevant Websites

17) Regularly Check Robots.txt & Sitemap Flies

18) Regularly Audit Your Website

19) Leverage Social Signals With The Help Of Social Media Marketing

20) Use Google’s Autosuggest To Find Relevant Long-Tail Keywords

21) Do Guest Posts

Use guest post opportunities in your niche. Find out the websites which are related to your niche and request them for guest post opportunity.

Create high-quality content for other’s website and earn a quality backlink. It has a magical SEO power which will boost your rankings.

I know this is a long list but as an SEO Consultant I need to take care of 200+ factors like this in order to help businesses to achive higher search engine rankings.

I hope these SEO tips will help you start your ranking journey.

Let me know if you have any question in the comment section below.

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