5 Best Social Media Content Generator Tools of 2022

A strong social media presence will be critical for businesses in 2022.

Social media will help businesses connect with customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

Brands like Airbnb, Zomato, Netflix, Mailchimp, and Domino’s Pizza are killing it on social media.

Do you know what’s the common success factor for all these brands? It’s content!

They’re rocking because of their social media content and SMEs’ struggles to create high-quality content which challenges their growth on the leading social platforms.

With more than 4.7 billion active users, social media platforms are an enormous opportunity for businesses. Each social platform has its own unique character, and different types of content perform best on different platforms.

In this post, I am going to share top social media content generators that you can use for social media copywriting to save time and improve your engagements.

Let’s get started.

What is Social Media Content Generator?

Social Media Content Generator is an online platform that takes a piece of brief information about your topic from you and turns it into highly engaging social media posts for your Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, and Linkedin.

These tools make your life easy to create and share social media content that is engaging, relevant, and informative.

What are the best social media content generator tools?

The best social media content generator tools are those that help you create and curate content that is high-quality, relevant, and shareable. Some great options include Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, and Rytr.

Here’s the complete list of 5 Best Social Media Content Generator:

  1. Jasper.ai
  2. Copy.ai
  3. Rytr.me
  4. Writesonic
  5. Scalenut

1. Jasper AI – The Best One!

Jasper AI is the best social media content generator tool because it is easy-to-use, and produces high-quality social content.

There are over 50 different copywriting skills that you can learn and practice, all of which are based on industry best practices and proven examples.

Advantages of using Jasper.ai tool:

  • It can generate high-quality social media captions, ad copies and tweets.
  • It offers 50+ different copywriting templates.
  • You can try Jasper for free & get 10k words.
  • It can generate and translate copy in over 25+ languages.
  • Already serving 50,000 companies worldwide.
  • Free courses on SEO, Copywriting and more.

Jasper provides a wide range of social media templates that can be used to create engaging content for your social media channels.

You can browse all the templates available using the link: https://www.jasper.ai/templates

Pricing: The Jasper AI has three plans: Starter, BossMode & Business. The pricing starts at $29 per month ($24/mo for annual billing) for the starter plan, $59 per month ($49/mo for annual billing) for Boss mode and custom costing for the Business plan.

Check Jasper Pricing Here: https://www.jasper.ai/pricing

Verdict: Jasper AI is my top recommendation for a social media content generator tool because it is the most advanced and easy-to-use tool that I have come across.

Jasper Free Trial: You can try Jasper.ai for free using this link and get a 10,000 words bonus from Suresh.tech!


2. Copy AI – The Best Free Option!

Copy.ai is the best free content generator software for high-quality AI-generated social media writing.

There are over 90+ copywriting templates that you can use for free to create various types of content including social media.

Advantages of using Copy.ai:

  • It can generate highly engaging social media captions.
  • It offers 90+ diverse copywriting templates.
  • You can use Copy.ai for free. Use this link.
  • Already serving 1 million users worldwide.

Pricing: Apart from the free plan, there is one pro plan that comes at $49 per month ($36/mo for annual billing).

Check Copy.ai Pricing Here: https://www.copy.ai/prices

Verdict: CopyAI is my top recommendation for a free social media content generator tool because it has the maximum number of templates and a simple user interface that makes writing life easy.


3. Rytr AI – Another Free One!

Rytr is another free AI copywriter that you can use for high-quality social media content creation.

You can use Rytr to create various types of content including social media content. It provides a wide variety of content writing templates.

Advantages of using Rytr.me:

  • It can generate captions for Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.
  • It provides 40+ copywriting templates.
  • You can use Rytr.me for free & get free monthly credits.
  • Write in 30+ languages with 20+ writing tones.
  • Already trusted by over 2 million users worldwide.

Pricing: Rytr offers two pricing plans which are; the Saver plan $9 per month (if you have fewer content needs) and the Unlimited plan $29 (if you have unlimited content requirements). Rytr is the most affordable tool I must say!

Check Rytr Pricing Here: https://rytr.me/

Verdict: Rytr is a fantastic tool for writing social media ad copies and getting started on social posts. You do not have to stare at a blank laptop screen trying to think of what else to write for social media. Try Rytr For Free Today


4. Writesonic AI

Writesonic is an AI content writing assistant that helps you create social media content in minutes using artificial intelligence.

It generates SEO-optimized content which can be really helpful for social media engagement. It offers a wide range of copywriting tools to automatically generate content.

Advantages of using Writesonic:

  • It can generate content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and YouTube.
  • It provides 80+ powerful AI writing tools.
  • You can try Writesonic for free & generate up to 2,500 words of content.
  • Writes in 25+ languages.
  • It supports 1-click WordPress export. Really helpful if you run a WP website.

Pricing: The Writesonic AI pricing starts at $10 per month for the short-form plan and $13 per month for the long-form plan.

Check Writesonic Prices Here: https://writesonic.com/

Verdict: Writesonic can save hours each week coming up with ideas, writing, and then revising social media posts for you. It does the social media content generation work that would normally take you hours in a matter of minutes. Try Writesonic For Free


5. Scalenut AI

Scalenut is an AI content platform that can create engaging social content that attracts eyeballs to your business.

It can generate original social media and other types of content with the help of 40+ AI copywriting tools. Scalenut can write unique and innovative social posts for various channels.

Advantages of using Scalenut:

  • It generates unique & innovative content for FB, IG, LI & more.
  • It offers 40+ AI copywriting tools.
  • Already trusted by over 1000+ users worldwide.
  • You can try Scalenut for free using our special 7-day free trial link.

Pricing: There are three pricing plans available according to the needs of individuals and businesses.

  1. Individual Plan $29/month (or $12/mo for annual billing)
  2. Growth Plan $79/month (or $32/mo for annual billing)
  3. Pro Plan $149/month (or $60/mo for annual billing)

Check Scalenut Pricing Here

Verdict: If you are looking for a content tool that could help you with SEO and social media content writing, then Scalenut is for you. The user interface is amazing and the content output is simply awesome. You will simply love how Scalenut can automatically generate social media content for you.

Try Scalenut For Free

Conclusion: Which Is My Favorite Content Generator For Social Media?

Social media content generators are important tools that can help you automate your social media marketing efforts.

There are a variety of great AI content writing tool options available, so be sure to choose one that best suits your needs.

My Favourite is Jasper AI (With the Boss Mode Plan). And For Free, I prefer Rytr.me and Copy.ai!

If you need any other help with social media content, then you can comment below and will help you out.

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