34 AI Writing Statistics For 2024

Do you want to use AI for writing in 2024?

Are you curious about what the AI writing space looks like? Then check out this guide on AI copywriting statistics.

AI writing is the art of writing content using the power of artificial intelligence.

There are 3 main classes of AI writing available:

  • AI text prediction
  • AI text editors
  • AI text generators

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of the most up-to-date AI writing statistics individuals and businesses should know.

Top 22 AI Writing Statistics of 2024: You Must Know

According to Suresh.tech, these are the top 18 AI content writing statistics one should know before using artificial intelligence for writing.

  1. Over 85% of AI users mainly use the technology for content creation and article writing.
  2. Writers who use AI writing tools spend an average of 30% less time writing an article.
  3. 76% of content marketers use AI for basic content creation and copywriting.
  4. 71% of marketers use AI for inspirational thinking.
  5. 63% of marketers use AI to analyze market data points.
  6. 62% of marketers use AI to generate image assets for their businesses.
  7. 54% of marketers use AI to personalize message content.
  8. 53% of marketers build and optimize SEO strategies using AI. Suresh.tech is one of them.
  9. The most popular AI SEO writing tools are Scalenut, Frase, and Surfer AI.
  10. 77% of writers found significant help in writing productivity.
  11. Around 4% of writers found no improvements in writing productivity using AI.
  12. The AI revolution will create 97 million new jobs.
  13. Around 64% of writers believe that AI writing will replace human writing.
  14. The most used AI writing tools are Jasper AI, Rytr AI, and Content At Scale.
  15. Around 46% of writers think that AI is a threat to their jobs.
  16. 70% of creators say they will use Al writing tools for all their content creation needs.
  17. Companies allocate less than 7% of their tech spend to AI in 80% of cases.
  18. The most loved free AI content generators are Jenni AI, Rytr AI, and Neuroflash.
  19. 67% of writers from Asia and South America agree that AI will replace humans.
  20. Around 36% of writers from Oceania and North America agree that AI writers will replace human writers.
  21. The generative AI market is expected to grow $1.3 trillion by 2032, expanding at a CAGR of 42%.
  22. Around 85 million jobs will not exist in the next 5 years because of AI.

AI writing is rapidly evolving, impacting various industries and raising questions about its potential and limitations.

Discover some of the top free AI content generators that can assist you with effortless and no-cost AI writing.

Now learn about different AI stats related to writing adoption, usage, productivity, work, and the future of AI writing.

Here’s a snapshot of the current landscape of AI Writing at Suresh.tech:

AI Writing Adoption and Usage Stats:

  1. 85.1% of AI users leverage the technology for content creation and article writing.
  2. 76% of marketers utilize AI for basic content creation and writing copy.
  3. 26% of organizations currently use AI to assist with marketing and sales.

Impact on Productivity and Work:

  1. Business professionals can write 59% more work-related documents per hour using AI tools.
  2. AI adoption can lead to improved revenue (41.29%), click-through rates (13.44%), and open rates (7.64%) in email marketing.

Perception and Concerns of AI Copywriting:

  1. 65.8% of people find AI-generated content equal to or better than human writing.
  2. 63% are concerned about potential bias and inaccuracies in AI-written content.
  3. 81.6% of digital marketers believe content writers’ jobs are at risk due to AI.

Educational Implications of AI Writing:

  • Turnitin’s data reveals that 11% of assignments show evidence of AI use, with 3% containing 80% or more AI-written content.

Looking Ahead: The Future of AI Writing

  • 85% of B2B and B2C marketing professionals believe generative AI will significantly impact content creation in 2024.
  • More and more companies will use AI for media generation in the future.
  • AI adoption will increase in 2024.

These statistics highlight the increasing adoption of AI writing tools and their potential to improve efficiency and productivity.

However, concerns regarding job displacement, ethical considerations, and content quality remain.

As AI writing evolves, navigating these challenges and ensuring responsible use will be crucial.

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