Top 6 Best SEO Influencers Around The World

Anyone creating online content needs to prioritize SEO.

If you want your content to rank in search engines with the maximum search visibility then you must use effective SEO strategies.

What are the most effective SEO strategies and who are the best people to learn from?

Well, the answer is SEO Influencer.

An SEO influencer is an industry expert who leverages their experience and knowledge to educate and influence others on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

They have a strong online presence and share valuable content through different channels like:

  1. Blogs: Regularly publishing articles and guides on SEO tips and strategies.
  2. Social Media: Sharing SEO tips, insights, and industry news on platforms like LinkedIn, X (Formerly Twitter) or YouTube.
  3. Courses or Webinars: Offering in-depth SEO training for those seeking to expand their knowledge.

SEO influencers act as a trusted source of information, helping businesses and individuals understand how to improve their website’s visibility and organic traffic through search engines.

They stay updated on the latest SEO trends and algorithms, offering valuable advice on optimizing websites for better ranking.

So, who are the best SEO influencers to learn from? Let’s find out here at!

Top 6 SEO Influencers You Must Know!

Here is the list of top search engine optimization influencers to follow and learn from in 2024.

Brian Dean

Brian is the top SEO influerner worldwide. Founder of the award-winning SEO blog Backlinko, Brian Dean is a great source of valuable SEO content. You can find him on YouTube.

Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is an SEO professional with over a decade of experience leading hundreds of successful campaigns. He’s also the founder of Gotch SEO Academy, and Rankability. You can find him on YouTube.

Matt Diggity (Matt Elmore)

Matt Diggity is a full-blown SEO specialist and highly respected figure in the world of affiliate marketing. He shares “real” SEO techniques that work because they’re based on real test results. Find him on YouTube.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie is an SEO influencer and owner of Goldie Agency, who also has a YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers and 60,000+ students on You can find him on YouTube.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is an SEO consultant, author and speaker who helps brands worldwide to increase their organic search visibility, traffic and conversions. She is the founder of to learn SEO with a free roadmap of reliable guides and tools. Find her on X.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a well-known name in the SEO industry. He is an entrepreneur, marketing guru, and founder of NP Digital, a company that helps businesses to grow their online presence. Find him on YouTube.

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