SEO is all about Keywords – SEO Quote

Why are keywords important for SEO?
Is SEO all about keywords?
Why are keywords still so very important for SEO?

If you encounter these questions about SEO and keywords, then this post will help you with the answers to understand why keywords are important.

SEO Is All About Keywords.

It is a quote by Suresh Chaudhary who is an experienced SEO expert from India.

SEO is all about choosing the right set of keywords for your business website, leading to an engagement on your website.

Website engagement can help you fill a form, buy a product or subscription, or even click on the affiliate link.

seo quote by suresh chaudhary
SEO Quote by Suresh Chaudhary

There are different types of website engagement businesses go after. Based on the business objective SEO consultant come up with a list of keywords which helps the businesses get the desired website engagement.

now lets understand why search engine optimization is all about keywords or key terms or key phrases.

Why SEO Is About Keywords?

Here are the top five reasons why Search Engine Optimization is all about right set of keywords for your better understanding.

  1. Google search starts with keyword.
  2. My prospects uses keyword to learn more about my products & services.
  3. I optimize my website for set of keywords.
  4. I write content which supports my keyword list.
  5. My website ranks for keywords.

Wining SEO Game is purely based on how you manage your keywords data to reach your target audience.

Conclusion: Hence proved. SEO is all about keywords. Right set of key phrases which supports your marketing goals.

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Good luck with your SEO campaign.

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