Evergreen Content Tips for Business Owners & Writers 2021

Are you looking for evergreen content tips?

Yes, you do, as content is the most important thing when we talk about digital marketing.

Content is King and hence must be managed like serving a king.

Firstly, let us understand what is evergreen content in order to create one.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is search engine-friendly and user-friendly content that is frequently relevant and stays fresh for users over a long period.

This post is about evergreen content tips where I share four tips that will help you create evergreen content for your audience.

Check out these quick Content Tips for all the business owners and writers before creating any content in the year 2021 from the Content Marketing Expert – Suresh Chaudhary.

4 content tips for business owners in 2021

1) Readable & Scannable Content

Make simple, readable, and scannable content for a great engagement. It can be a video, blog post, or case study.

2) Focus on One Topic

Make sure you focus on a single topic and give detailed information about the respective topic in your content piece. Whatever you are creating, try to make it complete from a user’s point of view.

3) Give Tips, Hacks & Solutions in Your Content

Try to give a solution or hacks to your viewers rather than just giving Gyan about the given topic. People like tips, hacks, and solutions to their problems rather than just a piece of information.

4) Keep Your Content Evergreen

Make sure you edit your content regularly with all the latest information available to keep your content evergreen.

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Evergreen Content Study 2021 by Backlinko

According to the latest Backlinko Study in partnership with BuzzSumo where they have analyzed 3.6 billion articles to understand evergreen content in general.

The takeaway from the study – 4 Type of Content You Must Include:

Here are the four takeaways I took from the study and I recommend every content ceator to use this while making or editing your next content piece.

  1. List posts and how-to posts are the two “most evergreen” content formats.
  2. Content that’s heavily shared on Reddit has a high likelihood of becoming evergreen.
  3. Posts that include the year in their title tend to be highly evergreen. This shows that content is the latest information that is more likely to receive shares.
  4. Content types with the highest proportion of evergreen content include “best of” lists, guides, data-driven research and industry reports.

You can check Evergreen content study from backlinko here.

evergreen content study by backlinko suresh

This is my comment on the Backlinko post where Brian agreed my point which leads to the fourth point in our list of evergreen content tips.

I hope you will like these quick content tips by Suresh. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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