You Can’t Rank Your Website, Because…

Are you struggling to rank your website in major search engines?

If yes then find all the reasons here why your keywords are not ranking in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo by Suresh Chaudhary.

I often encounter this question, Why is my website not ranking well?

Why is my website not ranking well in google
Confused Suresh about rankings…

And that is the reason I am creating this post so that you can understand what all things you have to improve in order to rank your website.

So just say Suresh and jump in to the content.

You can’t rank on Google and the top reasons are:

Here’s the list of the top 27 reasons why you are not able to rank your website keywords in major search engines like Google, and Bing.

  1. You think SEO is dead.
  2. You follow predefined SEO processes.
  3. You are not doing proper keyword research.
  4. You don’t focus on user intent.
  5. You don’t care about your website’s UX/UI.
  6. You don’t care about website responsiveness.
  7. You are ignoring mobile-first indexing.
  8. You don’t care about your website loading speed.
  9. Your content doesn’t match with the user’s intent or target keyword.
  10. You are not optimizing your content.
  11. You are using heavy images and media files on your website.
  12. You are not writing unique titles, descriptions and content.
  13. You are ignoring internal link building.
  14. You don’t care about the outbound links to your website.
  15. You don’t believe in SEO tools.
  16. You are following the wrong SEO gurus.
  17. You are ignoring duplicate content on your website
  18. You have not optimized your Google My Business page
  19. You are neglecting social signals.
  20. You don’t have a proper content strategy in place.
  21. You are not concerned about the website’s crawling ratio.
  22. You are ignoring Google Search Console and Google Analytics data.
  23. You don’t seek external SEO help.
  24. You are in a super hurry to rank your website.
  25. You are not aware of Google Algorithm Updates.
  26. You are not up to date with the SEO happenings.
  27. You have not yet installed an SSL certificate on your website.

And so on…

I will keep updating the top SEO reasons which are stopping you to rank higher in search engines. So make sure you bookmark this page.

Conclusion with a simple hack to follow:

A simple hack is to think about the user who is going to consume your content and start working on SEO.

Suresh Chaudhary

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