How I made $2,052 using Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Wondering how? Well, it’s all about sharing.

The more you share Jasper with your friends, family, and colleagues, the more money ($$$$) you can make.

Like I made $2052 last month using this amazing ai copywriting tool.

Here is the proof: Well, If you want to know the number of referrals, customers and clicks then you can comment below 😉

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The Jasper AI Affiliate Partner Program is a great way to make passive income by referring new customers and earning recurring commissions for life.

Writer’s block is for real. If you want to help people overcome writer’s block and at the same time make money then you must join partner’s program.

Suresh from

And not to forget, how it all started. Signed up for the affiliate program and just got 3 clicks and 1 referral.

And the rest is history.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is formerly known as Jarvis AI and Conversion AI. They do rebranding quite often, pun intended. is an AI-powered copywriting tool that is quite popular and used by over 50,000 content writing and marketing professionals all around the globe.

I am a big fan of this tool as it solves the most important challenge I faced for years which is Writer’s Block! Check the website to learn more.

I am personally using this tool and recommend it to all my friends and colleagues who are into digital space.

I am one of the top 10 partners of Jasper AI. Joining Jasper’s Mastermind course coach Adam Enfroy and other great people.

I am in the seventh position after Amanda Weston who is the founder of Blogs by Jarvis, the #1 Jasper AI resource hub. Make sure you check out her blog. Please refer to the image below:

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How to Make Money With Jasper?

You can make money with Jasper using their partner’s program. Be a part of the affiliate program and get a 30% recurring commission on all the sales through your referral for the next 12 months. Plus, Get 10,000 complimentary bonus credits to test Jasper.

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How does The Jasper Affiliate Program Works?

1. Get a unique Jasper link: Apply to be a Jasper Partner and you’ll get a unique referral link that tracks who clicked and signed up. You can use this link to sign up for the partner program.

2. Share your link: Refer Jasper to your friends, followers, and clients and they’ll get 10,000 bonus word credits when they register using your link.

3. Earn Commission: When your referral opts for a premium plan, you earn a commission. Every month your referrals subscription renews, you’ll get a 30% recurring commission for life.

Special Tip: Promote Special Jasper Offer for your friends and followers

When they sign up using your link, They get 10,000 bonus credits and you also get 10,000 credits if you are using the premium plan like I do.

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Important Update About Your Links

Update your affiliate links from to If you don’t switch out your links before May 1st, you will be sending traffic to a dead 404 link and will lose sales.

Where may you have put your affiliate link?

  • Blog posts
  • Website
  • YouTube / Podcast descriptions
  • 301 redirects, including link shortners

All you have to do is update the copy to say “Sign up for Jasper” instead of “Jarvis”. Then change the link from:
“{your affiliate code}”

You can find your affiliate code in the Jasper AI partner dashboard.

FAQs Related to Jasper Affiliate Program

What is Jasper and How can I make money with Jasper?

Jasper is one of the best ai content writing tools that help you generate high-quality content with the help of artificial intelligence.

Can I sign up using my own Jasper AI referral link?

No. Unfortunately, self-referrals are strictly prohibited at Jasper AI. The purpose of a Jasper affiliate referral program is to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to spread the word about and not to get 30% discounts.

What’s the Jasper referral cookie life?

30 days is the life of the Jasper referral cookie. The conversion won’t be tracked if the user purchases the subscription plan after 30 days.

When will I get paid?

After a customer pays, your commission will be shown as “pending” for 30 days in case of refunds or disputes. After 30 days, your commission will be due and will be paid to you via PayPal in the first week of the month.  

How can I get paid if I don’t have PayPal?

Currently, supports only one payment method which is PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account then sign up now!

Does Jasper AI have a free trial?

Jasper has a free trial where you can get 10,000 bonus words for free to determine the content output generated by this tool. The Jasper AI free trial offers a fair idea of how the AI software works.


For me, Jasper AI is the tool I’ve been waiting for to help me create intelligent content quickly and easily.

Customers routinely ask about ways to get content is written that’s on-point and reads well. I’ll show them (and other marketers I advise) towards They’ll see “why” right away.

Join Jasper AI and start creating amazing content, Promote to make some extra cash. All the best!

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